Why Visit Hervey Bay

Whale Watching Hervey Bay

Hervey bay is a whale watching paradise. This is where the magnificent yet gentle creatures come to frolic in the waters. In the past few years due to certain conservation measures there has been an increase in the whale population. This is also one reason why there have been far more sightings in Hervey bay. Plus whale watching is now a popular tourist experience and one which has been gaining quite a bit of momentum.

Since there have been no more hunting of humpback whales, these creatures now have literally little or no fear of humans. They are just as curious to interact with humans as we are. In fact it’s no wonder that a curious whale might swim quite near to a vessel and perform a few antics. Plus the whales really enjoy the reaction which their antics bring. The cheering and clapping and you could just get to see them performing a few perfectly executed backflips.

Hervey bay is now considered the whale watching capital of the world. Research by the maritime authorities has proved that whales are more willing to interact when they can elicit any human reactions. It’s almost as if they feed off on the praise and the wonder which humans feel when they watch these wonderful creatures in their glory. Whales are creatures that are naturally inquisitive and the noise and cheering piques their interest even more.

Generally any vessel is prohibited from going no more than 100 meters near the whale. Then it all depends on these magnificent creatures on how close they actually want to get to the vessel. Few people who have visited Hervey Bay have testified that when they made the necessary racket, the whales get curious and often come nearer to investigate. If you haven’t had the experience of whale watching in Hervey Bay, then you need to go as soon as you can.

Every year more than fifty five thousand people reach the shores of Hervey Bay to enjoy some whale watching action. There are currently quite a few operators which offer all sort of whale watching actions. You can choose from either action packed tours, sails in the beautiful sunset and the more gentle cruises for families with younger children.

The best part about whale watching in Hervey bay is that the whales don’t just swim past but actually bask in these waters for three to four day before making their way further ahead.

Hervey Bay is just a three and a half hour drive from Brisbane. There are also direct flights from Sydney and Brisbane. In fact you can enjoy a relaxing stay at the number of beautiful resorts. You can go whale watching anywhere from July to November. While whale watching you may even catch a glimpse of turtles, dolphins and dugongs. Most tours start from $120 per adult and you could get a single ticket for the whole family in $350. You can choose from high energy catamaran tours or economy tours which cost less and are more family friendly.

For more information on whale watching tours in Hervey Bay, contact Whalesong.

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