Where To Dive On The Gold Coast

It undisputed fact that the gold cost is the premier diving spots in Australia. What really makes the place such Golden? It’s simple the climate, people and lots of diving spots in Gold coast ensure different people have something to do with their visit to the gold cost. Besides just the diving, the abundance of the different types of fish species makes the gold coast to be a pro diving site. Furthermore, there more than 370 fish species for you to watch in the gold coast and much more touristic attraction features. Some of the famous places where you can dive in the Gold coast include

The Gold Coast Seaway

The Gold coast seaway boasts of having five core diving sites. All of the sites have a water temperature of between 18-27 degrees Celsius a perfect temperature for the relaxation of the mind body and soul for divers. However divers do not access all of the diving spots in the Gold coast for the 12 months. There are some which are affected by the changing climatic sea condition making them unsafe for diving during certain seasons. But if you’re a fan of diving inside the seaway, you don’t need to worry as you can dive anytime you feel like. Thence, the diving spots in the Gold Coast seaway include the south wall and the south-west wall dive areas, the south-east and the wake break island dive area and the northeast wall dive area.

The Palm & the Kira Beach Diving sites

Still, in the Gold Coast, the Palm Beach is located in the Queensland Australia. With the Palm beach having a great variance in its depth with some of the diving spots scooping as low as five meters to a maximum depth of 24 meters any level and type of diver can get a good experience here. With your dive, there is a lot for you to see ranging from the rocky outcrops, and tons of sea creatures like the leopard sharks, parrot fish, stingrays and a lot of more features. Besides the Palm Beach, you can visit the Kirra reef diving site situated on the southern end of the Gold coast. The reef extends to a distance of over 100 meters with a lot of fish and other touristic features that are envisaged in the diving site. As a diver, you have this chance to perfectly drift from one rock to another in the Kirra reef and analyse what type re them. If the latter is not your thing, you can also choose to watch a lot of smaller fish species like the porcupine fish and the wobbegongs. You will also get to love the Kirra reef locations which are just some meters away from the shore not to mention that the sit