How to start and learn scuba diving?

Who has not dreamed of exploring the seabed and discovering the incredible tranquility hidden beneath the surface of the water? The world of silence, which bears its name so well, fascinates as much as it attracts.
Some will want to explore it to discover life in another form, in the middle of shimmering fish and plants with unusual shapes. Others will, for a brief moment, wake up history by approaching shipwrecks or buildings that have been submerged for millennia. But for that, you have to be able and above all to know how to practice scuba diving.

A few words on scuba diving

The principle of scuba diving may seem simple, since it involves staying underwater with specific equipment that will allow the body to adapt to the constraints of the environment for a given time. In reality scuba diving is a sporting activity that requires a certain technique.

scuba diving equipment The scuba gear is composed of several elements that will all be essential for a comfortable and safe practice of this sport.

It is first and foremost a neoprene cover that protects from the cold. Indeed, once immersed in water, the human body tends to lose its heat very quickly as deep as the temperature is naturally lower than surface.
This combination is completed by a weighting system, a stabilizing vest allowing both to manage its buoyancy (to go up or down under water) and to allow to go up or stay on the surface, a depth indicator, fins, a mask, a snorkel, and finally an air regulator and a diving bottle containing compressed air.

Since it is an immersion in a medium for which the human body is not naturally equipped, when practicing diving, it is necessary to respect certain safety rules .
The most important is the observation of decompression stops. Indeed, the more a diver advances in depth, the more the pressure that the water exerts on him increases. As a result, his body adapts gradually. During the descent and more particularly the ascent, the diver will have to use various techniques which will enable him to adapt his body to the variations of pressure in complete safety.

When you want to practice scuba diving, it is therefore necessary to be in a satisfactory form, so that the body is not subject to constraints that could be harmful.

How and where to start scuba diving?

start scuba diving

Due to the technical aspects necessary to master to practice this sport safely, it is recommended to make an apprenticeship with professionals, starting with a dive baptism that will allow you to validate your interest in diving, but also your abilities for the practice of this sport. It will be sufficient to contact the nearest diving school to take this first lesson.

During this dive , it will be possible to acquire the essential skills to perform basic dives safely, with a monitor.

However, for a little more practice, it will be necessary later to pass the various levels of diving (1, 2, 3 and 4) which will be able to immerse themselves more and more deeply and to become a true autonomous diver.

All the seaside resorts, as well as clubs and some swimming pools in the city, offer this type of service.

However, in order to learn about scuba diving in a magical context , some do not hesitate to go to the end of the world , where the waters are clear, and where the underwater fauna and flora are resplendent with beauty.

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Scuba diving enthusiasts

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