Making the most of your Wine Tasting

Are you considering taking wine tours in Perth? If you are going for wine tasting for the first time, there must be quite a few things in your mind. Some of these might include information about which wines to taste and the etiquettes which are deemed necessary at wine tasting. In order to make sure you make the most of your wine tours, don’t forget to keep the following things in mind.

  • Make sure you have had your fill of food before you embark for wine tasting. Sipping wine on an empty stomach means it’s going to hit you a whole lot harder. So to enjoy the taste of the wine and prevent it from taking effect too soon, ensure you have had something to eat.
  • If you are unsure about a certain wine and its taste, feel free to ask questions. The wines which you might like based on your personal preference and the ones which you aren’t too keen on trying. There are many different elements to a wine and by asking questions you might actually find a wine which you actually appreciate.
  • The person in charge of the wine tasting is a treasure trove of information. They have all the knowledge regarding the wines on offer and which are classy and superior. Make sure you listen to their suggestions. While making our own decision is right as well but listening to their suggestions can be useful too. Also it’s necessary to taste the wine using the right manner. you may need o sip the wine slowly and swirl it around a bit to get an idea of the flavours in it.
  • At a wine tasting tour you can expect to learn a great deal about different wines. Mae sure you take a few notes because after tasting a few wines things can be blurred quite easy. You can take simple notes regarding the flavour of the wine or simply write down whether you liked a particular wine or not. Do not forget to write down of the wines which you really liked so that you can buy those at the end of the wine tour in Perth.

  • Also there is confusion regarding the fact whether it’s permissible to spit the wine or not. While it I accepted at wine tasting, if you are comfortable you don’t need to spit out the wine.
  • Be open about tasting new wine. While there may be a chance that you may not like, all the wines that you taste but not trying one wines means you won’t find a new flavour which appeals to you. Wines can taste a whole lot different and therefore it’s necessary to check out different wines.
  • Don’t forget to have fun at the wine tasting tour. Even if you can’t really tell the difference between two wines you shouldn’t panic or feel you done something wrong. Just go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you make the most of your wine tour in Perth.

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