How to Get There

How To Get To Gold Coast Diving Spots

The Gold coast being the fastest growing city in Australia receives a lot of visits mostly recreation and diving sector. To get to the different diving spots in Gold coast Australia, you must first plan your trip from your location to the gold coast city. The latter can be easily done as you can choose your preferred means of transport for the purpose. However not all the gold coast diving spots are located in one arena and furthermore near the Gold coast city. Thus, to get to the different diving spots, you have to either

Walk or Cycle

This may not be a lot of people favourite choice but, I assure you that it’s a good methodology to land you on some of the diving sites near the gold coast shore. However, this suits the resident who resides just near the Gold coast shore. On top of that this may be a favourite means to move to the gold coast diving spots that are located close to each other. If walking is not your thing, you can surge forward and cycle your way into gold coast diving spots. Furthermore, you get to burn a lot of calories and exercise and there will be no harm with the infusion of adventure with healthy exercise tips in unison. Some of the Gold coast diving sites which are located near the gold coast shore include the Kirra Reef and the narrow neck artificial reef. It also goes without the saying that the presence of the extensive paths like the Gold Coast ocean way and the Gold coast hinterland makes walking to be a perfect suite.

Driving and Using Public means of transportation

For the diving spots which are located far away from the gold coast city, driving forms a perfect mode to get you to the diving spots. However, with an increasing driving population in Australia, you will need to plan your trip to the diving spot early so as not to be caught out of time. This will be for the divers who reside in towns like Sydney, Melbourne which are located far from the Gold coast. You have the option here to use public means of transportation too, You can pick a bus that will drop you to the gold coast city and walk to the nearest diving spots located near the gold coast city. There are also other means of public transport like the use of trains, light rail and monorail that might be of help. Other means of transport that you can still use include the use of boats, houseboat and yacht and you will definitely have to hire for the latter means of transportation. In conclusion, no matter the diving sports that you will want to visit, there are a lot of means of transport for you to choose. Remember it’s the ‘Gold’ Coast