Where to go for his next scuba diving?

Scuba diving is a sport , but also a wonderful excuse to travel and discover many countries. We are waiting for his next trip to go diving for a long time. Between each trip, we continue to prepare our equipment. Some of us find ourselves in clubs, to train while waiting for the dives at sea. But the common point which brings us all, all the year long, it is the dream of our next diving holidays .

How to choose your next dive destination?

Divers have imagination and daring , today almost every country in the world with a sea coast, offer centers to go diving.diving destination

We will choose its next dive destination based on its distance, and of course the budget, which increases with the distance to travel to reach this destination.

If the geographical and climatic conditions evolve very little, on the other hand it will be necessary to take into account the political conditions of the moment, before choosing a destination dipped in a country presenting risks for the travelers.

Diving in warm seas and clear waters.
In this presentation, we will not discuss specific destinations, such as ice dives, extreme dives, etc.
Just consider the destinations for all levels of divers , and to combine the pleasure of scuba diving , sport, tourism, and vacation to relax.

Corsica, a favorite destination for divers

It can be reached by plane or boat , in this case, crossing in good weather is already the announcement of change of scenery and discovery. So the smell so special Corsican maquis that reaches us at the end of the crossing, we already discover this beautiful island by its perfume, well before to see its coasts.

to dive in CorsicaRich in fauna and flora , the seabed and nature reserves, allow to meet many species (moray eels, lich, dentis, lobsters, groupers, etc.).

From Bonifacio to the south , and its marine park, to Calvi to the northwhere you can venture to discover the wreck of the B17 bomber at the foot of the citadel, the variety of dives in Corsica offers a continuity of spots all different, although all having common points; the clarity of the water and the warm welcome of the Corsicans …

All around the island of beauty , many dive centers offer outings suitable for all levels of divers, from beginner to advanced , dives along from shores to deeper dives on shipwrecks.

A few hours by plane: the Red Sea

to dive in red sea

For Europeans, the Red Sea is the nearest diving paradise , and yet that seems one of the most distant, as the change of scenery is total depending on the destination that we will choose.

From Egypt to Saudi Arabia , via Israel , the Sinai Peninsula , Sudan , Jordan , diving in the Red Sea, it is the guarantee of transparent and temperate waters (from 20 ° in winter to 30 ° in summer).

If the centers from the big (too big …) concentrations of divers, like Hurgada, El Gouna, Marsa Allam, will suit the beginners who will find comfort and conviviality, the more confirmed divers will choose more exotic destinations and distant from these big ones. centers, or cruises on the Red Sea , meeting coral reefs, vertiginous drop offs, numerous shipwrecks, and an exotic fauna (phantom crab, pelagic, whale sharks, billfish, etc.).

The Red Sea provides diving opportunities for endemic species such as giant sea fans and purple tubular sponges.

Note: Corals in the Red Sea have not yet been affected by El Niño weather effects …

Destination Caribbean and Caribbean, the emerald green waters …

dive in the Caribbean

The average water temperature varies around 26 to 29 ° C throughout the year, and a visibility of about 30 m, the Caribbean waters , limpid and calm, are a real pleasure for divers .

Accessible to everyone, experts and beginners alike , the dives in the Antilles offer us to discover a generous and contrasting underwater nature.

Each Caribbean island has its own characteristics: Martinique with its three hundred thousand listed species, Guadeloupe , its limestone plateau and the reserve Cousteau, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy with their famous wrecks.

The West Indian underwater world is very diverse and allows you to discover corals, caves and reefs, and to descend along the falls to meet turtles, moray eels and crustaceans. The Caribbean underwater flora is sumptuous, and offers to our sight its multicolored gorgonians and its sponges.

Biguine, Creole cuisine and Ti Punch, will punctuate your holidays in the Caribbean …

Landscapes of paradise and exceptional underwater world: the Maldives

dive into the maldives

Evocative of islands at the end of the world , the name of these islands is associated with paradisiacal landscapes and fine sand . The Maldives still remain a jewel of the planet, sheltering under their waters an extraordinary flora and fauna.

The Maldives is a privileged area for scuba diving. With 1,200 islands and atolls, endless white sand beaches and lagoons, the Maldives is a haven for honeymooners and divers …

Many diving centers are integrated into hotels or holiday clubs. Graduate instructors will guide you through the coral reef barriers around the atolls, or the dhonis will take you further offshore forDrift dives to discover manta rays, sharks, as well as many wrecks dating from early explorers, or the last world war.

Between each dive, you will appreciate the escape that will give you the landscapes and the typical architecture of these mythical islands of the Indian Ocean .

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